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Looking for 'old' friends?

Have you lost touch with an old University classmate? Do you need help gathering a group of friends together for a reunion? Perhaps we can help.

If we are still in touch with your friends we would be happy to forward a letter or an email to them on your behalf asking them to get back in touch with you, please just ask.

You can check who we are in touch with by searching through our find a friend directory in your Venture Online community area.

Remember to check out our ten steps for organising a reunion.

Can you help us?

Unfortunately, over the years, we have lost touch with some alumni. If you think you can help us re-establish contact with some of your friends, please get in touch. Venture Online members can check missing names in our directory of lost alumni.


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Once you are a full member of Venture Online you can search our alumni records to find details of the people you studied with.