Graduation is not goodbye! Remember to pick up a goody bag!

13 July 2018

Graduation Goody BagsAre you graduating this July?  Update your details so that we can keep you up to date with what’s happening at your University... and remember to pick up a graduation goody bag in the Newton building after your ceremony!

As a graduate of NTU you will join the ranks of over 200,000 other former students (alumni) worldwide and be a valued member of NTU's Alumni Community. Membership is currently free and automatic - all you need to do is remember to keep in touch with us from now on. We really want to hear your news!

If you are worried about finding work after graduation, then you can still use the services of our Employability Team for up to three years. Look out for the forms being handed out before your ceremony.  And remember to join our LinkedIn
group where you can network with over 12,000 other former students.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too - and remember to tag us when
sharing your graduation photos using the hashtags #NTUgraduation and #ForeverNTU

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