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Recognising giving at every level

 As an alumnus of NTU, I am pleased that so many of my fellow graduates and friends of the University are able to join together to make a difference today, in order to shape the world of tomorrow. Whether your focus is on students and the value of education, or on the effect that our research has on the world around us, know that your donation to the University has a lasting impact. Thank you for your support.

Tim Cobb, BA Hons Economics 1982
Head of Development and Alumni Relations


Online roll of honour

Over the years, philanthropic gifts have helped support and shape education and research at Nottingham Trent University. Our donors have helped to fund projects to support our teaching, our internationally recognised research and enhancement of the student learning experience.

All donors to Nottingham Trent University since the beginning of the financial year 2009/10 are now acknowledged in our online roll of honour. Please click through to find your name and those of your peers.

Benefactors' Court - join our club

To honour the contributions that we receive above £1,000 (in any four-year period), we have created four giving clubs which enable us to thank and recognise our donors in a number of ways and in doing so encourage and raise awareness of the importance of philanthropy in a modern university.

The Benefactors' Court giving clubs have been named in honour of four notable individuals, symbolising greatness in literature and science:

There's a reason why we chose these four people - their images are captured in statues which adorn the front of the Arkwright building situated on Shakespeare Street within our city campus. You can find out more about each of the clubs by selecting the images below. Read more about the history of Arkwright building.

Sir Isaac Newton

William Shakespeare

Sir Francis Bacon

John Milton

The Sir Isaac Newton Club

The William Shakespeare Club

The Sir Francis Bacon Club

The John Milton Club