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Online Graduate Profile Shaun Purewal 22/09/2017  
Name: Shaun Purewal
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quote: [Nottingham Trent was a very supportive and friendly environment with plenty of activities lined up to develop skills for students.]

Course: BA Hons Business Management
Year: 2016
Job title: Director
Employer: Debonair for Men

Current role?
Director of Debonair For Men, running all aspects of the business.

Typical day?
Dealing with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and marketing personnel.

Career developments?
The brand I created while I was at Nottingham Trent has grown from strength to strength.

Dealing with problems of retail, such as the movement from in store to online sales. Dealing with problematic staff members and having correct HR practices in place.

Your NTU experience?
The social element has facilitated the growth of the brand during networking events, for example using contacts with Notts TV to appear on the 6:30 show.

Advice for others?
To be flexible with your business strategy and don't be stubborn not to listen to advice and listen to market demands.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
Nottingham Trent was a very supportive and friendly environment with plenty of activities lined up to develop skills for students.

Career highlights?
Appearing on the 6:30pm show on Notts TV to discuss the brand, and also being highly commended for the IoD future director award.

Also, having the brand's first retail kiosk appear in Intu Derby, which was very successful, and having a two page write up on myself and the company in the Derby Evening Telegraph.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
Self-employment has always been prevalent in my family, so it has been ingrained in me by them since childhood.

Plans for the future?
For Debonair For Men to continue to grow at a large rate and become an established male grooming brand first nationally and then internationally.

Online Graduate Profile Stuart K Harrod 18/09/2017  
Name: Stuart Harrod
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quote: [Nottingham Business School gave a great basis for my career.]

Course: BA Hons Business Management and Marketing
Year: 2013
Job title: Global Category Leader
Employer: Rolls Royce Plc

Current role?
The Global Category Leader role is a new role for me and my category is Test. I am responsible for the procurement strategy, supplier relationship and sourcing of test facilities, equipment and services to support Rolls-Royce's growing output requirements. I work with internal stakeholders to understand requirements and then ensure the procurement strategy is in line with these needs and is the most cost efficient and sustainable way of securing the needs through the supply chain. I then negotiate and contract with suppliers to meet the requirements and protect Rolls-Royce's ability to meet engine deliveries.

Typical day?
There isn't a typical day! Which is the good part of the job and working in procurement at Rolls-Royce. Every day is a new challenge and this keeps the job very interesting.

Career developments?
Following on from my internship at Rolls-Royce during my degree I re-joined them on their purchasing graduate scheme in September 2013. During the graduate scheme I completed a variety of roles which gave me experiences including global working, negotiations, supplier relationship management, and cross-functional working.
I left the graduate scheme early due to being offered a fantastic opportunity to become a Strategic Buyer in Aerospace. During this time one major highlight was being awarded the Rolls Royce Pride in Purchasing award for collaboration while setting up a brand new supplier in India. I also developed a supply chain for a new manufacturing method with significant cost reduction potential.
Recently, I have been promoted into the Global Category Leader role. I am also close to being fully qualified for CIPS and I am also now a NBS Alumni Fellow to support future generations at university.

Yes. Rolls-Royce is a big organisation and this presents challenges when joining the organisation - processes, who to talk to etc. I overcame these by asking lots of questions (no question is a bad question!) and remaining curious and learning about the company and industry to aid me in my job and future career.

Your NTU experience?
The Nottingham Business School gave a great basis for my career. The content and how it was delivered gave me great enthusiasm for business and to develop myself in organisations.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
The Nottingham Business School, at Nottingham Trent, is a great environment to learn and I found all the lecturers very friendly and supportive. I keep in touch with some of them now and they are still as helpful for alumni as they are students.

Any exam revision tips?
My preferred way to revise is to ensure I have easy to read notes - perhaps on cue cards. Past exam papers are my saviour as well, I always like to relate theory to the practicality of how the questions will be asked in the actual exams.

Career highlights?
One of my proudest moments was winning the Rolls-Royce Pride in Purchasing award, recognising a significant contribution I have made to the business. I am also proud to now be trusted to be involved in the assessment centres for new graduates & interns coming to Rolls-Royce. Being promoted to leadership role early in my career is something I am extremely proud of.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
There a few leaders at Rolls-Royce who I find very inspirational and often take advice from on my career and how I can develop.

Advice for others?
- There is no such thing as a bad question
- Understand your company and the industry
- Develop a sound business network - you never know when you might need it
- Most importantly, believe in yourself and be confident in everything you do!

Any tips for job seeking / interviews / careers?
Preparation of your CV, covering letter, interview technique and researching the company & industry. Get someone independent to review your CV, practice interviews with - there are lots of alumni (for example) you can reach out to.

Plans for the future?
I am passionate about procurement so my plan would be to continue to develop in the procurement field while developing into a strong business leader.
Online Graduate Profile Lucie Belikova 07/09/2017  
Name: Lucie Belikova
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quote: [There was always someone at NTU who I knew I could turn to, be it the staff or students themselves.]

Course: TESOL and Global Studies
Year: 2015
Job title: ESL Teacher
Employer: Viva English

Current role?
Most of my time is spent in the classroom but I also plan lessons, develop curriculum, plan summer/winter camps, prepare student evaluations.

Typical day?
For me the day usually involves delivering 2-5 lessons, preparing lessons for the following days, writing up reports, creating new courses and drinking a lot of coffee!

Career developments?
I left NTU with the plan of teaching English in China. I started my new job immediately after graduation - in a kindergarten. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to do as there is only so much language teaching that can be done with children that age, but it got me to China and that was the key point for me. After a year in the kindergarten I realized I wanted to do more teaching so I left and started to work at a language school. Here I do exactly what I'm trained for and I really enjoy it.

Moving to China was a challenge itself and dealing with all the issues that 99% of foreigners here face - language barrier, pollution, scams, being homesick. It was quite a shake-up even for me who's been living away from home for the last 20 years! But just like with any other challenge, any hiccup along the way is a lesson.
My current employer provides Mandarin lessons so I became more confident while shopping, going to the bank/post office, or ordering food - apart from when I misunderstood duck breast for duck gristle, not a mistake I'll make again!
I got used to the pollution and bought a mask, and after falling for some myself I am now wise to the scams that tourists encounter on every corner. And homesickness never goes away but it' can't be avoided. If I get really homesick I go to the weirdest place in Shanghai, Thames town - an incredibly British-non-British experience! - or meet up with friends down the "Foreigner's Street".
Another kind of challenge is working for the local management. I will openly admit that I didn't get along with my former manager at all. While we shared the same values, our methods and attitude were just the complete opposite. There were methods I couldn't as a teacher agree with, but accepted them as a part of local culture and customs. This is an issue for many foreigners here but there are people who get along with the local management just fine. My current boss is from Darlington and it's just a different cup of tea compared to my previous job. This is not to put anyone off working for local people - many of my colleagues at the old place have been working there for many years and are happy there, this is just a matter of personal preferences and attitude.

Your NTU experience?
The academic side of the NTU life gave me more than I expected. In TESOL classes I learnt what I needed for my current job and more. I became confident to speak in front of people - I still remember my first class as a trainee where I could hardly say my name to the students! - but it also made me realize how much there is to learn in the education sector, and it keeps me motivated to educate myself more and put a lot of effort into specializations.
Social life? I joined the Global week events, I went on the ever so fantastic trip to Brussels, I took part in scholarship programmes, I organized the Earth Hour event and actually found many friends!
And I only got to do what I'm doing now thanks to NTU. In my first year I got accepted onto the Mandarin Scholarship and ended up for a month in Beijing. After completing the course I wanted to extend my stay for 3 weeks but after my accommodation fell through, I was left with the prospect of being homeless in Beijing! I don't need to explain the financial issues every student has but 3 weeks of hotel fees would have been definitely more than I could have afforded at that time. After my cry for help on Facebook, a teacher from Shanghai offered me to stay with her, so I did. She took me with her to the school where she worked and after the 3 weeks I left with a job offer, which I accepted after graduation and that's how I got my first job in China. So, if it wasn't for NTU sending me to China I would have never met this lady, I would have never met the people at the kindergarten and I wouldn't have ended up with that job offer.

Advice for others?
Go for it - go for anything that comes your way, grab any opportunity you can because it might never happen again.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
I had some hard times just like anyone else, but the support I got was great. From the lady at the financial office who went to get tissues when I had a little breakdown when I was convinced I had to leave uni for financial reasons, to the friendly chats with the library staff when I thought I couldn't possibly get through all the reading I had to do, to the random people who would hold the door open for me when I was carrying a pile of books bigger than me. There was always someone at NTU who I knew I could turn to, be it the staff or students themselves.

Career highlights?
At NTU it was definitely my speech at the European Development Days conference in Brussels. I never thought I would get such an opportunity, it was very nerve wracking but I got to meet so many interesting people and it was truly an amazing experience.
The highlight of my career is just about to happen - by the end of 2017 I shall be in charge of one of our language schools! Looking back at my first TESOL training when I could hardly introduce myself to the students, it would have been really hard to imagine that I could achieve what I have so far in such a short time.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
There's probably no way to write this without sounding egocentric but I take inspiration from me and my past. I was a victim of severe bullying at primary school, (all those years ago it was an unimaginable thing for anyone to report bullying), and it left a mark that hasn't budged for years and years.
In my mid-twenties I started my own business which was a success in a personal sense, but no so much in the business sense. At that time I saw it as a major fail but now I see it as a valuable experience. I did it. It didn't work out but I did it.
I never thought I would get accepted to university more than 10 years after leaving my last educational institution but I did it. Not only that I did it but I did it well.
I never thought I could get a job I really value, and where I'm really valued, but I did it. It is great and inspiring to have people you can look up to, there's no doubt about that - but reaching your goals should start with you.

Plans for the future?
My biggest dream is actually to be a farmer. I want to have my own self-sustainable goat farm and set up a kind of educational agri-tourism business. So my plan is to stay in China for the next 4-6 years to save up for my farm and then it's off to a brand new adventure!

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